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May 23, 2 day

The Head of Yekaterinburg, the Chairman of the Yekaterinburg City Duma, Yevgeny Roizman, congratulated teachers and students of two schools, as well as first-year students of the Ural State Mining University, on the Knowledge Day.

The morning of Eugene Roizman began in the gymnasium No. 210 “Coryphaeus”, which these days marks its 25th anniversary. Together with teachers, schoolchildren and their parents, the Head of Yekaterinburg took part in the opening of a commemorative stele dedicated to the anniversary of the institution, and then took part in a solemn line in the courtyard of the gymnasium.

“The history of your school began with the pedagogical initiative of scientists of the Ural Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences, which turned into one of the best in Yekaterinburg. Today, talented children learn under the guidance of talented teachers. For me, the main thing is that you can think freely and make serious decisions. One of them is the initiative to hold in Yekaterinburg the action “Children instead of flowers.” I see that teachers today were not left without flowers. And hospice patients will feel the warmth of your hearts and will be sincerely glad to care. I am sure that next year all the schools of the city will join you. Good luck, excellent grades and good health, ”Yevgeny Roizman addressed the audience on the school line.

The head of Yekaterinburg came to gymnasium No. 116 as a teacher. He was to conduct the first lesson for students in 10th and 11th grades. Of course, this was a lesson in history, or rather love for Yekaterinburg and its history. It includes chronicles of the founding of the city and a story about Wilhelm de Gennin and Vasily Tatishchev, a virtual tour of the places of modern Yekaterinburg associated with the Old Believers, legends about underground passages and treasures, as well as a story about the role of city governors in the development of the Ural capital.

The students listened with bated breath, and when the time came for questions, a forest of hands rose. True, the questions of the guys were not at all on historical topics. “What did you do when you were 17 and did you think then that you would become the Head of Yekaterinburg?” – asked the tenth grader. “Of course not. At 17, I worked at a factory and wanted to be an archaeologist. In general, I accidentally ended up in politics and in city government. But the choice of my profession was not accidental. As a schoolboy, I found a bunch of books on the street. Among them was a textbook on the history of the Middle Ages, I read it voraciously in one day and realized what I want to do in life, ”answered Yevgeny Roizman.

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