Mining Mineral Resource Development

Development design
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The department provides training at the educational and qualification level of the bachelor in the following specialty:

– development of deposits and mining.

Specialization: – development of deposits and mining (RKK).

The Department of RPM is the oldest at the university. The first graduation of mining engineers took place in 1924. Mining is one of the oldest occupations of man. For over four thousand years, he has purposefully mined minerals for their industrial processing.

And at present, the mining industry remains the primary basis of the economic activity of mankind. No electronics, cybernetics and other latest trends in modern science and technology can be fully used without this industry. Therefore, a young man will find for himself in mining a wide field of activity aimed at creating material values ​​and solving urgent problems of the development of science and technology.

The basis of the mining industry of Ukraine is coal mining. Coal is the only energy carrier that can be claimed by man for many years to come. A modern coal mine is a complex production with a technological chain starting deep underground and ending on the surface. The mining enterprise employs complex sinking, mining, transporting and other machine complexes. To manage all this complex economy can only specialists with a high level of professional training.

The specialty “Development of mineral deposits” includes several specializations. After graduation, our graduates can work:

in a mine, in a quarry, in a mine for the extraction of any ore and salt, in the extraction of marble and other finishing stones, in the construction of the metro, etc., at design, research and educational institutions of a mountain profile.

The level of knowledge, breadth of horizons and ability to think acquired over the years of study with us is so great that you can meet our graduates in any position, from the minister to the chairpersons of the board of banks. “Development of mineral deposits” is the most necessary and universal specialty for the Donbass. And not only for Donbass. The department has trained mining engineers for 19 foreign countries from Europe, Asia, Africa and Latin America.

In total, more than 13 thousand specialists have been trained during the existence of the department “Development of mineral deposits”.

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