Natural resources

Natural resources

Baku ✓ City tour, Standard, 2-14 nights (tour and transfers are included in the price) –

The history of the capital of Azerbaijan – Baku goes back to antiquity, although the exact date of its occurrence is still unknown. The territory of the Absheron peninsula on which the city is located has a favorable geographical position, a convenient bay, warm, dry climate, fertile soil, and natural resources, so the emergence of ancient settlements here was quite natural.

Baku, its oil, the “burning land” were known since ancient times far beyond its borders. The written sources of the Middle Ages concerning Baku invariably mention the “eternal lights” located in its vicinity. One of the first to report them at the beginning of the 5th century was the Byzantine Priscus of Panius, who, describing the cities of Caucasian Albania, mentioned the area where “the flame rises from the underwater cliff.”

A city tour begins with a visit to Nagorny Park. Upland Park is located on a hill in the western part of the city. This is the best place to see the city itself and the Baku Bay. The architecture of the capital, located on the shores of the Caspian Sea, is a combination of different styles. Further, the excursion continues with a visit to the Old Town, which is a 12th-century fortress. Tourists will see the main attractions of the Old Town, including the Shirvan Shahs Palace (mid-15th century), the Maiden’s Tower, ancient mosques and baths, and will be able to stroll along the beautiful Baku Embankment. Departures from Moscow-✓ FAIRMONT BAKU AT THE FLAME TOWERS 5 *-✓ Tour type : City tour, Standard-

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