Open Pit Mining

Fig. one

1954 – the department of open mining was created (manager M.G. Novozhilov). The first graduation of the group of mining engineers-discoverers (group GI-49-OR-1 of the reception of 1949).

1956 – the department was liquidated in connection with the appointment of M. G. Novozhilov as director of the Magnitogorsk Mining and Metallurgical Institute. 1958 – the department was re-established under the direction of I. I. Russky. introduced a curriculum in the specialization “Open Development” GEC was organized by open development. 1961 – the post-graduate school was opened at the department (first post-graduate student A. F. Tkachev). 1962 – in connection with the transfer of I. I. Russky to work in Moscow, the head. the chair becomes V.S. Khokhryakov. 1962 – the first scientific papers on the economic evaluation of open development taking into account the time factor. 1965 – the first experience was used by computers (Ural-1) for mining problems. 1966 – the department moved to a new building (3rd floor of the 2nd academic buildings) .1969 – a new curriculum and specialty “Technology and integrated mechanization of open development” was introduced. 1970 – a branch laboratory “Deep Careers” of the USSR Ministry of Tsvettsmet was created. 1972 – a computer room with a computer “Nairi K” was created, which worked for 12 years. 1973 . – the 1000th graduate of the department defended the diploma. 1975 – the department was included in the CAD program of the USSR Ministry of Higher Education and was identified as the leading one in mining. 1979 – the State Prize of the USSR was awarded to V. S. Khokhryakov for the textbook “Open Development”. 1980 g. – for the first time in the country’s mountain universities The training of mining CAD engineer users in the specialty 0209.1981 was started – the computer-aided design department was created in accordance with the assignment of the SCST program “Create and put into trial operation in 1985 the Sverdlovsk Mining Institute open-cast design computer-aided design system providing training for mountain CAD users” .1983 – 1986 years. – operating computer laboratories (cabinets) for computer graphics (room 2305), a display class (room 2237), equipped with computers MERA-60, MERA-125, plotter EU-7054.1986 were created and converted, the department staff reached 40 people. The structure includes the industry laboratory of the USSR Ministry of Color, the department of computer-aided design, a research and development laboratory, two display classes and a computer graphics cabinet. 1990 – a personal computer cabinet was created, equipped with two PC / NT 286 and an IBM plotter. For the first time in the country’s mountain universities, the Council for the defense of candidate dissertations in computer specialties was created 05.13.16 …

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