Repair of mining equipment Novokuznetsk

Pneumatic Grab Loader KS-3M

Novokuznetsk businessman Alexander Schukin, who holds the post of general director of Coal Company Zarechnaya LLC (Polysaevo, Kemerovo Region), will become the owner of a controlling stake in Construction Company Yuzhkuzbasstroy (UKS), which owns 99.9% of the shares of the Novokuznetsk Municipal Bank ( NMB), a source close to the parties to the transaction told Interfax.

According to him, at the end of December 2013, Schukin owned a 20% stake in the company. Now he is buying out the share of the ex-general director of Yuzhkuzbasstroy Viktor Neustroev – 40% of the shares. The remaining 40% of the UKS shares, according to the end of December 2013, belonged to the founder of the UKS, director of the company for economics and finance Sergey Pavlov.

According to the agency’s interlocutor, on December 26, 2013, Shchukin was introduced to A. Neustroev by the Yuzhkuzbasstroy team as the new general director.

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