Accounting for Mining

Man-made placer

Surveying work related to the completion of mining operations and mining is carried out periodically, at the time determined by the relevant instructions and orders.

The calculation of the volume of extracted rocks and minerals in open pit mining is carried out separately for overburden and mining operations. In this case, methods of mining geometry are used to calculate volumes: arithmetic mean, vertical and horizontal sections, and also by calculating the volumes of regular geometric figures. The application of this or that method depends on the nature of the deposit, the methods of excavation, the shape of the dumps, the types of surveys, surveying documentation, etc. The determination of the volume of stripping and mining is usually done with the purpose of surveying control of the operational accounting of stripping and mining operations.

Accounting for overburden is carried out for capital, preparatory and operational work. In this case, the carrying out of entry trenches revealing the deposit is referred to as capital work. The preparatory work includes carrying out split trenches and ramps, as well as work on the posting of boards on overburden ledges. The overburden during operational work includes the posting of boards at production horizons.

Operational accounting of overburden is carried out according to the number of wagons or cars loaded with rock exported from the quarry. Surveying control of operational accounting is carried out on the basis of accounting for the performed mining overburden operations. Moreover, the volume of overburden is determined on the basis of instrumental shooting of overburden faces at the beginning and end of the reporting period. Overburden volumes are calculated according to plans and profiles by the method of horizontal or vertical sections, for which work plans and profiles of a scale of 1: 500 are usually used.

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