Alien Mining In Antiquity

Ancient copper mines

If you believe what is written in the Bible, then God created Eve from the rib of the first man – Adam. A number of modern researchers believe that this myth is not without foundation. So, there are theories according to which the first women on Earth appeared thanks to aliens. But the men themselves could well have been aliens from another planet.

About 80 years ago, American anthropologists Lin and Berger examined the skeletons of cavemen and ancient primates to conduct a comparative analysis. They were surprised that female skeletons are more reminiscent of monkeys, and it seems that initially women were inclined to move on four limbs … While men were undoubtedly upright from the very beginning.

The researchers put forward an interesting hypothesis: about 59 thousand years ago, an alien ship arrived on Earth, on board of which there were only men. Since they needed women, they “humanized” the female monkeys. This explains the significant differences in the structure of male and female organisms.

Why were there no women among the aliens? There may be several explanations. For example, they were criminals who were exiled to our planet. Or landing on Earth was forced – for example, a riot occurred on the ship, or the spaceship crashed … Or maybe it was a scientific expedition, which for some reason could not return to its home planet …

In all likelihood, humanoids possessed genetic technology, so they managed to raise local female primates from all fours and turn them into humans. However, in subsequent generations, primitive people probably degraded and lost most of the knowledge they received from their ancestors. Therefore, genuine information about the history of the origin of man has not reached us.

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