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The Stoilensky complex iron ore deposit is located in the central part of the north-eastern strip of the Kursk Magnetic Anomaly (KMA), in the Belgorod Region, within the Stara Oskol Administrative Region. The aim of the project is to increase the production of crude ore (unoxidized ferruginous quartzite) to 42 million . t per year, based on the most complete extraction of licensed balance reserves of mineral resources and stable maintenance of the achieved level with transportation of ore to the Stoilenskaya crushing and concentration plant The main object of the Stoilensky open pit mining is iron ores: unoxidized ferruginous quartzites (balance reserves in the open pit circuit to the level of –1,000 m, explored in categories B and C1, about 6 billion tons) – rich iron ores (about 60 million tons) – oxidized ferruginous quartzites (off-balance reserves explored in category C2 – more than 200 million tons). Other minerals, such as loose overburden (chalk, sand, loam, clay) and rock overburden (crystalline schists, quartzite-sandstones, granite-gneisses), are mined along the way. The Stoilensky quarry is one of three open-pit KIA giants along with the Mikhailovsky and Lebedinsky quarries. At a meeting of the Central Commission for the Development of Solid Mineral Fields of the Federal Subsoil Use Agency (CKR-TPI Rosnedr) on October 20, 2015, protocol No. 178/15 − stp, a positive decision was made of project documentation “Technical project development Stojlenskogo iron ore deposit in the period 2016-2020 gg.”, developed by OOO “SPb-Giproshakht” .Proektnaya records released in 2015. The project is underway.

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