Deadline for Paying Mineral Extraction Tax


The mineral extraction tax of 2016 is calculated based on the specific type of each natural resource, as well as taking into account the specifics of calculating the tax base and established rates for minerals. What sources of law can be used in this case and what is the algorithm for determining the amount of mineral extraction tax, which is payable to the budget?

Calculation of MET in 2016 (determination of the amount of tax): where to get the data from?

The main sources of norms, the provisions of which can be used to calculate mineral extraction tax, are:

Chapter 26 of the Tax Code of the Russian Federation – various by-laws and departmental acts explaining the provisions of the Tax Code of the Russian Federation (for example, a letter from the Federal Tax Service of Russia No. SD-4-3 / 5327, which indicates one of the coefficients for calculating mineral extraction tax on oil for February 2016).

The provisions of Chapter 26 of the Tax Code of the Russian Federation determine the main elements of the tax in question:

rates for each of the minerals and minerals at which the payment is made — the object of taxation on the payment — the tax period — the base — the procedure for calculating the payment — the deadlines and the procedure for transferring MET to the budget.

Consider their specifics in more detail.

Mineral extraction tax rates of the Tax Code of the Russian Federation: how to determine them

All rates that are needed for calculating the mineral extraction tax are defined in the provisions of Art. 342 of the Tax Code of the Russian Federation – separately for the most common types of minerals mined by Russian firms. In particular:


MET rates may be supplemented by various factors. For example, established for the calculation of tax paid for oil produced.

In the general case, the taxpayer calculates these coefficients independently. But sometimes they are indicated in departmental acts supplementing the provisions of the Tax Code of the Russian Federation, such as the letter of the Federal Tax Service No. SD-4-3 / 5327 mentioned above, which defines the coefficient Kc, which reflects the dynamics of exchange prices for “black gold”.

A complete list of natural resources and products identified as minerals for tax purposes under the MET is specified in sub. 1–16 p. 2 and p. 3 of art. 337 of the Tax Code of the Russian Federation. Extracted minerals constitute the main object of taxation in the framework of mineral extraction tax. We study the specifics of this tax element in more detail.

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