Minerals of Ukraine

Mineral Locations

Natural resources of Ukraine: rich in coal and salt Alexander Panchenko What minerals are hidden in the bowels of our country and how much their extraction costs. Part 1.

The main industrial wealth of Ukraine is coal and iron ore

When you hear stories about how rich Ukraine is in minerals – coal, gas, oil, and even gold and diamonds, but at the same time we annually take tens of billions of cubic meters of gas from Russia and millions of tons of oil from Russia at a fabulous price, I want to say: “Diamonds in our land – heaps! That’s just nothing to buy a shovel.” Yes, about 120 types of minerals are hidden in the depths of our lands, of which more than 30 are of especially important economic importance – in other countries they are much smaller, but many of these natural resources are hidden so far and deep that you need to invest a lot of money in order to get them.

However, over the past year, the process has begun: two drilling rigs have been bought for deep-sea gas production on the Black Sea shelf, have agreed with foreign investors to develop shale gas deposits. But the results must be expected in 2-3 years, not earlier. In the meantime, “Today” with the help of a professor at Kiev National University. Tarasa Shevchenko, Doctor of Geological Sciences Vladimir Mikhailov, chose three groups of minerals: the first – which we have enough, and they are mined or could be mined for ourselves and for export (coal, iron ore, sulfur, rock salt, rare metals, uranium) – the second – of which there are not enough, but they are (oil, natural gas) and, finally, the third – mythical: these are gold and diamonds. And I figured out how much to give out a ton, a cubic meter or a gram of underground treasures, and is it worth it to do or cheaper to buy ready-made.

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