Mining Equipment Complexes

Laboratory “Assembly, installation and
S.V. Morozov, Technical Director of CJSC Pikalevsky Cement

The limestone quarry of Pikalevsky Cement CJSC, which is part of the EUROCEMENT group CJSC holding, was commissioned in July 2009 using the technology of non-explosive mining of minerals using the Wirtgen Surface Miner Model 2500 SM as the main mining equipment. The reserves of the field are calculated for eight operational blocks (Fig. 1), the first of which has been worked out so far, in the second – mining operations are underway, in the fourth – overburden.

The useful thickness of the deposit has a variable thickness of 3 to 10 m and is represented by three thin layers (20–30 cm) of alternating limestone of different strength, represented by:

– dense organogenic-detrital light gray color with a yellowish tint, partially porous and cavernous –

– crystalline, in the form of a plate: strong, massive, gray, with rare pores and small caverns –

– “Earthy”, light gray and yellowish gray in color, medium strength.

In the first year, the operation of the quarry using explosive thin-layer technology using the Wirtgen 2500 SM combine was complicated by a number of factors.

The plan shape in the plan represents a narrow U-shaped strip (see Fig. 1) with reserves in production blocks from 300–500 to 600–1100 thousand tons. The location for the location of external dumps is very limited, and therefore the organization of work provides for consistent the movement of overburden into the mined space created after mining each previous block.

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