Mining Equipment Repair

Mining Repair

Maintenance and repair of underground equipment (electric locomotives, lifting equipment, etc.)


The presence of a qualification certificate of 4-6 category “underground locksmith for repair and maintenance of equipment” or “locksmith for repair and maintenance of mining equipment, knowledge of mining equipment, experience in underground conditions. It is desirable to have a secondary vocational or higher education in the field of mining machinery and equipment, underground mechanization of the development of MPI, qualifications of a mechanical technician, mining mechanical engineer

Experience at least 3 years

We offer:

Accommodation in comfortable dormitories

There are conditions for recreation and sports.

monthly and quarterly bonuses and remuneration for the year are paid.

shift method of work 45/45 travel compensation to the place of work.

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The Kholbinsky mine is developing the Zun-Kholbinskoye deposit. The Kholbinsky mine is located in the Eastern Sayans, in the southwestern part of the Republic of Buryatia, in the villages of Samarta and Zun-Kholba of the Okinskiy district, 1980 m high (315 km west of the Kultuk station of the East Siberian Railway). Transport communication with the mine is carried out by year-round road, most of which has asphalt surface.

Ore mining is carried out at adit and mine horizons. Ore and concentrate mined from the mine are processed at a gold recovery plant and a hydrometallurgy workshop located in the shift camp of the mine. Commercial products are gold and silver bullion sent for refining.

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