Mining waste

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Argimbaev K. R. Industrial waste of mining and their use on the example of Lebedinsky GOK // Young scientist. ?? 2011. ?? No. 6. T.1. ?? S. 12-15.

Russia is a country with a developed industry, characterized by large volumes of mining and the generation of waste as a result of their processing. When developing mineral deposits in an open way, overburden dumps are formed on the earth’s surface, occupying vast land areas. The extracted raw materials, as a rule, are supplied to enrichment plants, as a result of which they form waste from the enrichment factory located in tailings. Only in Russia over 45 billion tons are accumulated. waste of various hazard classes.

In recent years, the restoration of raw materials from mining waste and their integrated use is a matter of national importance.

Therefore, “Reproduction and use of natural resources” and “Environmental protection” are a long-term program of the Russian Federation adopted by the Ministry of Natural Resources of Russia. Their essence lies in additional measures to increase the efficiency of the use of mineral resources in the national economy, one of the tasks of which is the utilization of mining and metallurgical production waste, as well as the development and implementation of measures to significantly reduce losses and increase the level of extraction of minerals and components when extraction and processing of raw materials.

According to the existing classification, mining waste includes waste caused by the natural properties of ores – loose and rock overburden, tailings. So, for example, industrial wastes of Lebedinsky GOK belong to non-toxic wastes, are non-explosive, non-fire hazardous, do not have high reactivity, do not contain infectious pathogens and are presented in Fig. 1.

Fig. 1 Mining waste from OJSC Lebedinsky GOK

The use of these mining wastes is possible in various areas of the national economy. With open-pit mining, in addition to minerals, it is possible to use overburden dumps in which such rocks as chalk, limestone, sand, clay, loam, rock were placed.

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