Mining Without a License


Russian President Vladimir Putin has signed amendments to the Law on Subsurface Resources.

Subsurface users – legal entities, the share of the state or entity in the authorized capital of which in aggregate is at least 50%, can produce associated minerals (extracted together with the main ones declared in the license) without a license.

According to the law, now it is enough for companies to get a state expert opinion on the industrial significance of proven reserves of associated minerals, and then the necessary changes will be made to the current license.

State examination may be carried out at any stage of geological exploration of a deposit, provided that geological materials submitted for state examination allow an objective assessment of the quantity and quality of mineral reserves and other conditions for their extraction.

An exception to associated minerals is associated water, hydrocarbon raw materials and common minerals.

The amendments enter into force 90 days after the official publication of the law.

In addition, the document excludes from subsoil areas of federal significance those that contain alluvial and man-made deposits of diamonds and metals of the platinum group, manifestations of uranium, diamonds, highly pure quartz raw materials, rare earths of yttrium group, nickel, cobalt, tantalum, niobium, beryllium, lithium , platinum group metals.

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