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Russian oil industry’s modern status

The article discusses the results of the functioning of the oil and gas industry in Russia in 2012. The role of Russia in the global oil supply system is analyzed. The main indicators characterizing the work of the Russian oil refining industry are considered. The structure and dynamics of the export of oil and oil products are given.

There are examined functioning results of Russian oil gas industry in 2012. There are examined main indices characterizing work of Russian oil refinery industry.

In 2012, oil production in Russia exceeded the planned figures of the Ministry of Energy by 4 million tons and amounted to more than 518 million tons, an increase of 7 million tons compared to 2011. In addition, the volume of primary oil refining increased by 10 million tons to 266 million tons, and the share of refined oil in the production structure increased from 50, 1% to 51, 3%. Exports of Russian oil continued to decline and amounted to 239.6 million tons in 2012. Technological performance indicators of the oil industry Currently, in Russia, pumping prevails in the structure of oil production by methods of operating wells, the share of which has increased to 93% over the past few years. At the same time, in conditions of a low rate of development of new fields and deterioration of the conditions for oil recovery in the fields being developed for a long time, the share of the fountain method of operating wells continues to decrease. So, over the past 17 years, its share has decreased from 9% to 5.8% (Table 1).

Tab. 1. Selected technical and economic indicators of the oil industry in Russia in 1995 – 2012

Due to the active application in recent years of methods of intensifying production and putting into development of new large fields (Vankorskoye and others), it is possible to maintain an average daily production rate of one well producing production at 10 tons. In connection with the active development of deposits in the East of Russia, there was an increase volumes of production wells. So, in 2011 and 2012, 18 million m and 19, 8 million m, respectively, were covered, compared with the level of 14 million m years earlier. At the same time, the volume of exploratory drilling continues to remain at a rather low level. So, in 2012, the volume of exploratory drilling was lower than the corresponding indicator of the 1990s and the beginning of the 2000s. Among Russian companies, the largest exploration drilling was observed for Surgutneftegas (0.22 million m) and LUKOIL (0, 18 million m) – these same companies carry out the largest volume of production drilling operations (4, 69 million m and 3.4 million m, respectively) …

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