Oil industry

Oil industry

In Belarus today is the Day of workers in the oil, gas and fuel industries.

The Day of Oil, Gas and Fuel Industry Workers, celebrated annually on the first Sunday of September, is a professional holiday for representatives of various gas and oil specialties: geologists and drillers, developers and builders, transport workers, technologists – all those who have linked their destiny with oil and gas industry.

The holiday dates back to Soviet times. He received the state status on October 1, 1980 by decree of the Presidium of the Supreme Soviet of the USSR. Today, the Day of Oil and Gas Industry Workers is celebrated in some former Soviet republics, the gas communications of which were created within the framework of a unified system of the USSR.

The oil industry, which is one of the main sectors of the heavy industry, includes oil and gas exploration, well drilling, oil and associated gas production, and pipeline transportation of oil. The work of the community of people of all these professions is incredibly important. The uninterrupted operation of all sectors of the national economy and the comfortable life of citizens depend on the activities of the oil, gas and fuel industries.

However, the work of those who work in these sectors is very difficult. These people often risk their lives and health. One can only express admiration for courage and courage, determination and resourcefulness, steadfastness, patience of these outstanding people.

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