Shakhty Mining Equipment Plant

Dry transformer

Shakhtinsky production site – Shakhtinsky Ceramics LLC produces ceramic tiles, porcelain tiles and dry building mixes. This is the main production site of the United Group of Companies.

Shakhtinsky Ceramics LLC operates on the basis of the Shakhtinsky Faience Factory, built in 1964 in the city of Shakhty. Its active development began in 1998, when the management of the plant changed. By 2005, the company became the leader in the production of tiles and porcelain tiles in Russia. Under the brand name “Shakhtinsky Tile” and “Gracia Ceramica”, “Shakhtinsky Ceramics” produces the best ceramic tiles in the country.

For the production of high-quality raw materials produced by the “Vladimirovsky quarry of refractory clays” which is part of the Group of companies and other Russian deposits.

Suppliers of consumables are leading world companies:


At Shakhty Ceramics, ceramic tiles are produced using double firing technology (Bicottura).

The enterprise has installed modern equipment of leading Italian companies – leaders in the production of equipment for the ceramic industry:

Pressing, drying and roasting equipment – SITI, SACMI IMOLA Glazing line – BCF, INGEGNERIA CERAMICA Decorating stations – TSC, ROTOCOLOR Third and fourth firing line – GE.TECH Sorting equipment – SYSTEM, SACMI IMOLA Storage and folding machines – NUOVARA

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