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Department History

In the history of the development of the department since its inception in 1933, there are a number of main periods characterizing its role in improving the system of training specialists for the mining industry.

From 1933 to 1979 the department, having the name “Technology of metals” and the status of general technical, trained mining mechanical engineers in the disciplines “Technology of metals”, “Repair and installation of mining equipment”, “Technology of mechanical engineering”, “Reliability of mining machines”, “Technology of production of mining machines” and “Fundamentals of Interchangeability and Technical Measurements.” During this period, the scientific and methodological basis for teaching these disciplines was laid and the laboratory base for engineering training of specialists was created.

In 1980, due to the expansion of the direction of general technical training of specialists, the department was renamed the department “Technology of production and repair of mining machines.” Since that time, the department has mastered new disciplines: “Technology of mechanical engineering and repair of mining machines”, “Metrology, standardization and interchangeability”, “Technology of construction materials”, which in their methodological basis are preserved to this day. The expansion of the direction of general technical training of specialists allowed the department to take part in the management of diploma projects commissioned by graduating departments.

In 1987, the department “Operation of mining equipment and peat machines” was founded on the basis of the union of the general technical department “Technology of production and repair of mining machines” and the producing department “Peat machines”.

Currently, the name of the department is “Operation of mining equipment”. The department has postgraduate studies in the specialty 05.05.06 “Mining machines”, in which graduates of the department, managers and specialists of mining enterprises study. Since 1999, the department successfully operates the master’s program in the direction 55 18 00 “Technological machines and equipment.”

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